I love all these courageous men and women who took their health care needs one step further. Not settling for the standard protocols of western medicine. They always thank me ,but really I'm in awe over everyone of them.
The real thanks is to my Lord, through him all things are possible. I'm just a willing vessel he uses to help. I'm thankful every time I get the opportunity to help anyone reach optimal health (mind,body,spirit). Thank you all for the kind words. May you all continue to stay on your healthy jouney.....Blessings
OMG’sh I love Camille! She is a miracle worker! I was so sick and couldn’t get off the sofa for 2 years, not knowing what was wrong with me. I went to my doctor. and I was diagnosed with diabetes, low thyroid, high cholesterol and I also found out I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I felt like there wasn’t any hope only prescriptions. All the prescriptions the doctor gave me didn’t do anything and just started making me feel worse.
I went to see Camille and she suggested the right supplements and life style changes to start healing all that was wrong with me…. I feel wonderful now . I’m now off  my thyroid, diabetic and cholesterol medicine. It’s been 4 months now and I have more energy than I’ve ever had.  I’m on the road to wellness. I love taking herbal supplements because there are no side effects.
I wouldn’t think of seeing anyone else for anything. Even my husband and daughters see her when they are sick and even when they are well, just to make sure they stay well! Don’t hesitate, go to see Camille .
Fresno, CA
I first met Camille at a health fair in 2009.  Being the skeptical person I am I went to see her. I was so curious about the Sclerology exam , it was something I’ve never heard of.  Camille did the exam and I couldn’t believe it! she saw all kinds of things. Things there’s know way she could of  known. Health issues, that all the doctors I saw couldn’t figure out. With some detoxing , taking the right herbal supplementation and changing my thought process I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I wish I would have found her many years ago. Camille thank you for sticking with me. I never thought I could feel this good. You will always be my angel.
Madera, CA
My name is Jean, I’m 64 years old I use to have breast cancer, and now I don’t. It isn’t because of the chemo
 or radiation. I choose not to go that route. When I was in Whole Foods one day the young gal that was helping me told me about this naturalpath and hows she’s helped so many people. Well that was 3 years ago. I went to see Camille 3 years ago and I’m still cancer free! She is so amazing. She was always there for me. She answered all my questions. Camille helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. She knew I didn’t believe in God, but she always prayed for me when I went in to see her. Finally I gave my heart to the Lord. Not only is my body healthy but my soul is to. Thank you so much Camille. I've moved back Texas and when I come to Clovis I always make a stop at HIWC. for a check up and give a hug to this wonderful lady who in my opinion saved my life. I will never forget what she did for me.
My name is Robert and I was having prostate troubles. My wife has seen Camille for her fibromyalgia and wanted me to see her for my problem. I really didn't want to.I felt a little uncomfortable with her being a female. I had taken my wife to one of her appointments and met Camille.I was pleasantly surprised, she made me feel very comfortable. I made an appointment and felt very comfortable talking to her about my issues.She gave me some alternatives other than taking prescription meds. My issues have been resolved. My wife and I are both very grateful to her.
Clovis, CA
I'm only 26 years old and I felt like I was 70. I had zero energy. My doctor told me it was because I was in school and working and thought I might be depressed. He gave me an antidepressant.I couldn't believe it all I said was I was unusually tired. I didn't take what he gave me it just didn't make since. I went to see Camille with her help my energy level is right where it should be and feel great! Thanks
Fresno, CA
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