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Exam and Consultation        350.00
Plan on being here 1 hour. Please bring all medications , supplements and lab results to your appointment
A plan for your Nutrition, Supplementation, Detoxification.MTHFR
New clients Please Fill out this intake form and bring it to your appointment

New Client Intake Form (DOCX — 25 KB)
Healing the body from the inside out...
~ Holistic Care Appointments ~
    New Client Exam and Consultation   -   350.00               Follow Up appointment  -  150.00  
 Sick visit appointments 15 minute -   65.00    

  Phone Appointments Available

  ~  Faith Based Counseling ~   
Price to be determined before session

~ Prayer ~ 
Always Free 
Gift Certificates Available
Sclerology is a method of interpreting the red lines , colorations and markings in the sclera as they relate to the whole persons health.The sclera is revealing of many forms of disease ( stress, imbalances, congestion, blockages ) wherever they originate. If the body chemistry is imbalanced  or deficient in basic nutrition ( amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, lipids), or toxic ( infection, hormones, heavy metals, parasites, chemicals, radiation etc ), the sclera will register that information via the body systems.
If the structure is impinged ( subluxation of the vertebra ), the sclera will register that stress and inhibited nerve flow.
If the the physiology is weak the sclera will portray that condition if it causes stress or imbalance to the affected body system.
If emotions are the cause of that stress the sclera will show the effect of that detrimental state of being in the tissues affected.
                                                 Sclerology is know as the " Whole persons science"

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